The Tribal Collection primarily consists of pile rugs that are made of vegetable dyes and 100% wool. The thick and crude weaves of these rugs allow them to withstand the test of time. Limited edition batches of flatweaves and one of a kind, vintage kilims can also be found in this collection.


Animal motifs, elegant geometric patterns, and rich colors are foundational to tribal pieces. The Tribal Collection differs from Jubin's other in-house lines in that most pieces are not available in multiple different sizes. We work with our artisan weavers in Turkey and India to create limited edition batches and one of a kind pieces, so that our designers and weavers have greater flexibility in creating rugs of different styles and color palettes. This is artistic innovation at its finest.


Our partner weave houses in both Turkey and India have specialized in tribal and kilim rugs for over 60 years. The influence of tribal designs from the Caucases Mountains, Kurdish regions, as well as Turkish art can be seen in their beautiful, one of a kind, and vintage-styled pieces.