Soft yet strong. Colorful but balanced. From its dip-dyed, 100% wool to its hand-weaved technique, the Origin Collection is crafted the way that rugs have been for hundreds of years. By hand - with no chemical dyes and synthetic materials. The tradition lives on.


Serapi, Mahal and Tabriz rugs as well as Oushaks have had a profound impact on the world of design and decoration. We leaned into that. Similar foundational patterns, but with new colors. These pieces of art will create the experience you seek - whether that's classic and vintage or transitional and modern. Elements of the past can be the key to the inspiration of today.


Our partner for the Origin Collection is a family owned and operated weave house in India. Their story of who they are, what they have been through, and how far they have come always comes back to one focal point - their roots. To move forward, we must understand our past.