Thick Rug Pads



Super Movenot Rug Pad

- Our Super Movenot Rug Pad is the most premium quality product for those looking to add a comfortable cushion to their area rugs. The Super Movenot Pad is 1/8" thick and made of heat-sealed, needle punched fabric that is backed against a textured, duragon rubber - providing cushion, support and protection for your rug. The felt upper layer is designed to firmly grip the back of your rug to prevent rug shifting and wrinkling. The natural rubber backing keeps the rug firm to the ground. Super Movenot's needle-punched approach allows for airflow which prevents moisture and dirt from being trapped.

- The Super Movenot Rug Pad is recommended for room-sized and oversized rugs (7' x 10' and up). Create a safe and comfy living room, bedroom or dining area with our Super Movenot Rug Pad.

If you are ordering rugs and pads in the same order, then we will presume that the dimensions of the pads must align with the dimensions of the rugs from your order. If your pads must be custom cut to dimensions different than the dimensions of the rugs in your order or if you are solely ordering a rug pad, please indicate in the Order Notes section the exact dimensions of the rug, so that our team can custom cut a pad for you.

All rug pads will be cut 2-3 inches narrower/shorter than the true dimensions of the rug because this will allow the end of the rug to lay firmly on the ground. This will prevent the ends of the rug from being too high off the ground and further prevent any tripping or slippage.

*Please note that maximum roll width is 12' and that all pads wider than 12' will be cut-to-order in 2 or more pieces.