Antique Persian Farahan Rug - 8'7" x 11'

SKU: 5710
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Key Features

SKU: 5710
Size: 8'7" x 11' - Room Sized
Design: Persian - Farahan
Circa: Antique
Color Palette: Colorful, Pink, Navy
Material: Wool
Craftsmanship: Woven by expert artisan weavers with a lifetime of experience.

This is a 8'7" x 11' Antique Persian Farahan that is a part of our Oriental, Vintage collection(s). It has a beautiful Colorful, Pink, Navy palette and is woven with 100% wool by expert artisan weavers who have a a lifetime's worth of experience. We recommend using this rug as a Room Sized piece. Let's turn your house into a home by creating experiences that are as timeless as our craft.
SKU: 5710
Care Instructions

Clean spills immediately by blotting them with a clean sponge or cloth. It's highly recommended to use an appropriate rug pad on all surfaces to prevent slipping, add cushioning, and enhance durability. When vacuuming, use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar or one where you can set the bar to the highest pile setting. If your vacuum has adjustable power settings, set it to low. Vacuum the full length of the rug, then turn and repeat on the next area, rather than using a back-and-forth motion.